How do I access my subscription account?

  • Go to the Menu on the top left hand corner of the website
  • Click "Account" on the bottom
  • At the "Login" page, scroll down until you see: "Having issues managing your subscriptions? Click Here"
  • After clicking "Click Here" you will be prompted to enter your email
  • Here is a direct link to the above mentioned prompt:
  • Once you've entered your email, you will receive a link to your subscription account with us
  • Click the link (we recommend bookmarking this if you wish to access it often!)
  • From here you will be able to skip a month, cancel, or swap the contents of your recurring order---as well as update shipping and billing information!

Why am I redirected to the home page after logging in at the login page after clicking account? Am I logged in?

  • The account button on our website is meant for logging you in for one-off ordering. So if you enter your email and password, the redirect to the home page means that you are logged in!
  • It is not connected to your subscription account, as our subscription services are operated through a third-party application called Recharge.
  • When you create and log in to your account on the account button, your cart will be saved as well as shipping information for one-time purchases.