Our Shelburne store has been renovated!

Outdoor updates include repaving the parking lot,creating more outdoor seating with the addition of picnic tables, and refinishing the deck just in time for summer seating! 

In addition to the above, the store received new flooring, and we have opened a new room to maximize se
ating. For our Shelburne regulars, the most noticeable change is the placement of our hot coffee! We have moved our coffee pots from in front of the registers into the next room. This allows for more space for customers to enter and exit. There is also a new door in the coffee room to create an easier exit! We are so excited about these changes and would love to hear what our customers think!  


Cold Brew 101 

Walking into any of our cafés it becomes very apparent that we LOVE our Cold Brew. The popularity of Cold Brew Coffee has significantly increased in the last few years. 

However, Shelburne Falls Coffee has been cold brewing our iced coffee for years. We choose to do it this way because we truly believe it provides the highest quality flavor for our customers. Cold Brew provides a different taste because cold water coupled with long steep time extracts a smoother, less acidic taste from the grounds. 

Learn more about Cold Brew here 

Written by Annie Lytle-Rich

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